IQ Student Accommodation

Embark on our journey with a prominent London Student Accommodation project, where N&N Electrical played a pivotal role in elevating the living experience for students from prestigious institutions like LSE, UCL, and Queen Mary's. Our focused expertise revolved around the intricacies of student rooms, emphasizing bespoke lighting, plug setups, and in-built kitchen electrics.

Within individual student rooms, our team meticulously designed and installed electrical solutions tailored to meet the modern needs of student living. This encompassed crafting personalised lighting setups, optimising plug configurations, and ensuring seamless integration of in-built kitchen electrics for enhanced functionality.

Beyond individual rooms, our commitment extended to communal areas, where our electrical solutions contributed to a well-lit and functional environment. From common spaces to shared facilities, N&N Electrical left an indelible mark, exemplifying our dedication to delivering tailored and top-notch electrical solutions for an enriched student living experience in the heart of London.

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